A Simple Solution to Calculate and Report Waste Management

Effortless, Automatic and Low cost. You would love it for sure.

Your first step to Waste Reduction

Automate your waste calculation with WASTECAL

Its amazing, modern and clean way to capture data and calculate daily waste remotely on a computer.

One Touch Response

One Touch Response captures the waste type. No formal training required for staff to how to report waste type.

Cloud Capture

All Data is capture via WASTECAL Hardware to the cloud on realtime basis.


Generate Mandatory Reporting Formats and with one touch. Detailed analysis of increase and reduction with charts and graphs.

From the Pioneers of Mobile and IOT Hardware Innovation Company

WASTECAL is not just a program, its a platform to connect all your waste collection and run analysis to know and improve your waste management.

Autogenerate and Submit your mandatory reports.

Whether you are a hotel or a shopping mall you generate waste. WASTECAL Automation helps you to in the most convenient way. No training required. No Frills. Install, use and generate reports from the predefined and prescribed formats.

Its your saving for time and extra manpower.

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